• *****Directions on how to access Google Classroom.*****

    - Please have your child access: portal.judsonisd.org/LoginPolicy.jsp

    - They will need their lunch number/ password used to access chromebooks

    - Once your child has logged in, they will see a list of application available to them.

    - Please locate Google Drive- Student.  Click on it.

    - It might ask for your child's email.  It will look something like this:  YoungWilliams1234@student.judsonisd.org

     (please replace YoungWilliams1234 with YOUR student's login info).

    - Once you are in the Google Drive, on the right hand corner, there is a "waffle" made of 8 dots.  Click on this and find GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

    - Select and you will come to a page that might be empty.  Either way, there should be + sign on the right hand corner.  Select ADD CLASS.

    - Depending on your child's HOMEROOM teacher, please enter one of the following codes.