Classroom Rules & Policies



    Listen when the speaker is talking.

    Follow directions quickly.

    Respect others, respect yourself, and respect our school.

    Raise your hand to speak or stand.

    Be safe. Be kind. Be honest.


    Verbal Praise

    High Five

    Treasure box Tickets

    Computer Time

    Free Time



    Removal from the situation

    Private Conversation

    Notify Parent

    Office Referral


    Class Procedures

    Enter the classroom quietly.

    Walk to your desk and take out anything from your backpack that you need for the day.

    Put your backpack away in the designated closet.

    Sit in assigned seat.

    Complete any tasks assigned.

    Push in chairs completely.

    Turn in completed work as directed.


    If Student is Distressed

    Ask to use sensory tools as needed.

    Have a conversation with Mrs. White

    Visit or make an appointment with the counselor as needed.

  • Zoom Class Rules (Virtual)


    • Mute yourself when you come into the room and while others are speaking.


    • Raise your hand when you have a question or want to speak.


    • Listen when someone else is speaking.


    • Keep your camera turned on so we can see you. 


    • Participate and be respectful at all times. 


    • Have fun and enjoy our time together!