• Classroom Rules:

    1. Be Respectful: yourself, me, class, others
      1. Raise your hand: no blurting out
      2. Wait your turn
      3. No making fun or cutting down others
      4. Anything else that falls under respect/disrespectful
    2. Always Try Your Best: I can’t help you if you don’t try.
    3. Represent: self, class, school, Judson ISD
    4. Have Fun:

    Consequences for not following Rules:

    1. Verbal Warning 
    2. Mark in behavior log & Loss of privileges: 

         recess, seating placement (Including Lunch) 

    1. Phone Call or Remind Text to parents
    2. Discipline Referral & Parent Conference

    Major Infractions: Immediate Referral

        (stealing, cursing, fighting, cheating, lying...and other such offenses)

    Rewards for doing right may include:

    1. Sweet Treats
      1. Trying you best 
      2. Raising your hand to answer questions
      3. Improving behavior and or grades
    2. Small Prize:
      1. Weekly Students of the Week
      2. Most improved
      3. STAAR Review Games
      4. etc...
    3. T-Shirt:
      1. Imagined Learning at home/public library on weekends
    4. Have Fun:
      1. Extra Recess Time
      2. Short Videos While Working
      3. High Fives/Pats on Back or Side Hug
      4. Silent Cheers