• Fourth Grade Expectations:


      • Pass all state assessments and all core curriculum areas for promotion to the 5th grade.
      • Homework:  Twice weekly, typically on Monday and Wednesday. Two days to complete homework assignments, with some exceptions


    *The conduct grade for each 9 weeks report card will be based on compliance with the rules according to the standards below:

          E = 0 – 2 marks; 0 referrals to In-School Suspension (ISS)

          S = 3 – 6 marks and/or 1 referral to ISS

          N = 7 – 12 marks and/or 2 referral to ISS

          U = 13+ marks and/or 3 or more referrals to ISS

    Serious Offenses will result in an immediate office referral and include: fighting or assault, forgery, improper sexual advances or sexual harassment, profanity/unacceptable language, use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and related paraphernalia, possession of weapons, dangerous behaviors (stealing, and threats) and continued and/or chronic misbehaviors.


    Please keep in mind that these rules are in place to provide a safe and appropriate learning environment for all children.