• Fifth Grade Expectations:


      • Pass all state assessments and all core curriculum areas for promotion to the 6th grade.
      • Homework:  Complete each day's homework and read for 20 minutes every night. There will be homework every day with very few exceptions.
      • Agendas:  An agenda will be sent home nightly and a signature is required.  This will be a form of communication about learning events, homework, and behaviors in the classroom. 




    You child will have their agenda’s marked as indicated below:

    Appropriate Behavior


    Behavior Not Appropriate for Learning (BNA)

    Serious Behavior


    1.       Turns work in on time

    2.       Pays attention in class

    3.       Participates in class

    4.       Uses time wisely

    5.       Maintains good attendance

    6.       Accepts responsibilities

    7.       Is a cooperative learner

    8.       Shows evidence of extra effort

    9.       Exhibits positive leadership skills

    10.   Follows instructions

    11.   Interacts appropriately with others

    12.   Works quietly

    13.   Is polite and respectful

    1.       Missing materials

    2.       Inattentive

    3.       Not working

    4.       Excessive talking

    5.       Needs to follow directions

    6.       Distracting others

    7.       Needs to organize

    8.       Missing Homework

    1.       Arguing

    2.       Disrespectful

    3.       Inappropriate language

    4.       Physical aggression, i.e. shoving, pushing, stroking

    5.       Threatening

    6.       Fighting

    7.       Destroying/defacing property

    8.       Stealing

    9.       Forging signatures


    Serious Offenses will result in an immediate office referall and include: fighting or assault, forgery, improper sexual advances or sexual harassment, profanity/unacceptable language, use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and related paraphenalia, possession of weapons, dangerous behaviors (stealing, and threats) and continued and/or chronic misbehaviors.


    Please keep in mind that these rules are in place to provide a safe and appropriate learning environment for all children.


    *The conduct grade for each 9 weeks report card will be based on compliance with the rules according to the standards below:

          E = 0 – 2 marks; 0 referrals to In-School Suspension (ISS)

          S = 3 – 6 marks and/or 1 referral to ISS

          N = 7 – 12 marks and/or 2 referral to ISS

          U = 13+ marks and/or 3 or more referral to ISS