• Classroom Rules:

    1. Listen Carefully- Raise your hand for permission to speak.

    2. Follow Directions- Quickly & Quietly.

    3. Respect Others- Be kind with your words & actions. 

    4. Work Quietly- Do not bother others who are working. 

    5. Work and Play Safely- Use integrity at all times. 



    1. Verbal warning regarding choices made. 

    2. Change Behavior Card

    3. Folder Mark

    4. Phone call to parents.

    5. Conference with parents. 



    1. Verbal praise.

    2. Treasure Chest  (individual reward).

    3. Cubes for the Great Job Jar (whole class reward).

    4. Positive folder mark. 


    Behavior cards start on Blue every day. Blue card= Excellent day, Green card= Good day, Yellow Card= Okay day (usually with a behavior code), Orange card= Slow Down (not making good choices- behavior code written in folder), Red Card= Phone call home. 


    Great Job Jar: Whole class reward system. Students earn cubes for the Great Job Jar by: receiving compliments for walking appropriately in the hallway, following directions and behaving appropriately in the cafeteria at lunch, receiving compliments for good behavior during specials, receiving compliments for good behavior in the library. Once the great job jar is full, students will vote as a class to determine what type/kind of reward they would like (extra recess, appropriate video, special treat).