• Classroom Rules:


    1. Be Respectful (To teachers/staff, other students, and yourself.)

    2. Be Thankful (Remember to be grateful for what is provided and treat things well.)  

    3. Participate.

    4. It's okay to make a mistake as long as you fix it. 



    C - Conversation Level 0= no talking, 1= whisper, 2=Talk to shoulder partners, 3= Speaker voice 

    H - Help 1. Raise your hand 2. Ask a partner 3. Ask your group

    A - Activity 1. Singing 2. Dancing 3. Playing Instruments 4. Active Listening and Watching

    M - Movement 1. Sit on your carpet square 2. Ask First 3. Safe Movement 4. Dance/ Play Instrument

    P - Participation 1. Listen and Watch 2. Sing/Dance 3. Play Instrument 4. Work with Others

    S - Success!


    Success is shown many ways in the music room. Daily music success is making beautiful music while working together in a positive social setting for all.

    Pass the Positive: [Not in use due to Covid restrictions.] The stuffed animal of the day is passed to a student whom the teacher sees is following the CHAMPS. The goal is for all students who are caught following the CHAMPS to have a turn holding the stuffed animal throughout class time.

    Maestro Chair: [Not in use due to Covid restrictions.] When the teacher hands off the stuffed animal to the first student of the day, they get to sit in the Maestro Chair and are awarded a certificate to take home that shows their exemplary behavior.

    Prizes: I keep a treasure chest full of trinkets to hand out when there is an extraordinary answer or act that is celebrated.

    Class Points: Classes work together to earn class points based on their behavior and ability to follow the CHAMPS. Once they reach a certain amount of points as a class, their entire grade level earns a "Free Music Day."

    Free Music Day: Students are allowed to vote on a pre-approved list of musical activities that we normally don't have time for in the usual music lesson, such as games or dances as a celebration for class behavior.



    Less Class Points towards a Free Music Day

    Move to a new spot

    Agenda or Parent Note signed

    Office/ Parent Call