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    The Adventures of Remmy Rat in The Scariest Thing Ever Seen (Book 1)

    WHERE HAVE ALL THE PUMPKINS GONE? The only ones left are in Mr. Crisp's pumpkin patch. If you dare, join Remmy Rat and Timmy Rat as they stand watch in a dew drenched, fog packed pumpkin patch in hopes of catching a pumpkin thief. What they are not prepared for is what comes out of the fog. Will these two adventure seeking pranksters survive one knee-knocking night in the pumpkin patch? Will they catch a thief...or something else? It will be the scariest thing they have ever seen!


    The Adventures of Remmy Rat in Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Star (Book 2)

    It’s the night before Christmas, and three little ratties are stirring about! Remmy Rat, his brother Timmy, and little sister Tammy have been bad. They have managed to get on Santa’s naughty list! Can a little Christmas magic turn things around? Join Remmy, his brother, and sister on a North Pole adventure that will chill your cheeks and warm your heart.


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