• Our music lessons are based on a program called Quaver Music.  Below you will find a link to Quaver, as well as class codes for each grade level.  Throughout the next few days, I will be adding lessons and activities for each grade level.  In order to access them, you must create a username and password with your email address.  It will then ask for a Quaver code.  Each grade level has it's own class code, which are listed below.  With these class codes, even without assigments added yet, have studdent interactive resources you may access including virtual instruments, Quaver Books, composing interactives, as well as other student interactives.   


    Kinder: NF5ES

    First: BHC7J

    Second: NJ3P6

    Third: QW3PY

    Fourth: 88JRE

    Fifth: SKHRA


    GoNoodle is also a great place to go for brain breaks and dancing fun!  You will have to create a username and password, but it is completely free, and they also have Apps for many devices, including ROKU TV, Apple, and Android.



    If you have access to Disney+, the show Little Einstiens is a great way to enjoy music at home!  In every episode they use real classical music, real and correct music vocabulary, and each episode also include a work of art!  


    Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids:

    DSO Kids


    San Antonio Symphony:



    San Antonio Wind Symphony:



    Carnegie Hall Instrument Game, Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra: