• At Copperfield Elementary, all are expected to display the characteristics of a BOBCAT.

    B- Be Responsible

    O- Only Do My Best

    B- Be Respectful

    C- Care For My School



    Conduct Grade Key

    • A conduct grade of “Excellent” is a reflection of a continuous display of the BOBCAT characteristics. Instances where a student displays behavior contrary to these characteristics will be noted below and reflected in the students 9 Week conduct grade.
      • E= 0-3 violations
      • S= 4-9
      • N = 10-15
      • U = 16 or more
    • In School Suspension = Automatic N
    • Out of School Suspension/Attendance at Alternative School = Automatic U

    An “N” or “U” in any 9 week period will automatically exclude that student from participating in any extracurricular/special events.