• What is a Dispatcher? Dispatchers are communications personnel responsible for receiving and transmitting pure and reliable messages, tracking vehicles and equipment, and recording other important information.

    Things Parents/Guardians Need to Know

    When you call Transportation, please have the following information:

    • Students name.
    • Student’s ID number.
    • Student’s Home School.
    • Student’s Bus #.
    • Students Bus Stop Location.

    Conduct on the Bus

    • No Drinking or Eating on the bus.
    • Do not change seats.
    • Each student will be expected to remain seated for the duration of the trip, and remain seated until the bus door opens.
    • Normal conversation is permitted; any loud noises may distract the driver and create an unsafe condition.
    • Scuffling, fighting, and the use of obscene, vulgar, or profane language and gestures are forbidden.
    • Do not throw objects inside or out of the bus.
    • Do not mark, cut, or scratch any part of the bus. Vandalism costs will be paid by the person who is responsible.
    • Students shall face forward for the duration of the trip, and shall keep their feet on the floor in front of them and out of the bus aisle.
    • Video recordings are made of student activity on the bus for safety, disciplinary, and training purposes.

    How many students on a school bus

    • Elementary Schools – Pre-K to 2nd Graders sitting 3 to a seat, 75 students on a bus; 3rd Graders to 5th Graders sitting 2 to a seat, 51 students on a bus.
    • Middle School – Sitting 2 to a seat, 51 students on a bus.
    • High School – Sitting 2 to a seat 51 students on a bus.

    School Bus Safety Rules

    • Obey the instructions of the bus driver. At no time will a student act toward, or address comments to a bus driver in a disrespectful manner, or refuse to cooperate with the driver.
    • Board and leave the bus at designated stops only.
    • Only the students who are eligible to ride may be transported and must ride their assigned bus.
    • Students will abide the individual school's rules and regulations concerning bus students, including conduct and dress code.

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