Grant Recipients

  • 2020 Grant Recipients

    Employee Name(s) Amount
    All Judson ISD  employees  $50 HEB Gift Card


    2019 Grant Recipients

    Employee Name(s) Amount Proposal Name
    Franz ES    
    Andria Burton  $2,444.38 Audiobook Playaway Collection
    Crestview ES    
    Lisa Lambrecht  $1,794.00 Tech for Success
    Salinas ES    
    Sherry Franks-Moses  $2,112.83 Techno-Lit Collaboratoin
    Spring Meadows ES    
    Melissa Hooper  $1,709.25 The Class that reads together, Suceeds together
    Kirby MS    
    Aida Nicholson  $2,250.00 Innovative Technology Tools
    Candlewood ES    
    Meghan Puckett  $1,896.00 Touchscreen Technology 

    Wagner HS


    Maria Ochoa,

    Balli Leal,

    Diana Selwyn,

    Rosio Munoz,

    Maria Paredes

     $2,310.00 Innovative Technology towards aquiring a second language
    Rosemary Scott  $2,374.52 The Freedom of the Press Newsroom
    Sergio Gutierrez Tinoco  $1,450.00 Advanced Robotic Equipment
    Judson HS    
    Mariya Ortiz  $2,000.00 Breakout the Ordinary
    Sondra Lohse  $2,500.00 Agricultural Mechanics Metal project

    Coronado Village ES


    Erika Gutierrez,

    Tanya Granados,

    Christina Bjelkevig

     $2,499.98 Outdoor learning Environment
    Olympia ES    
    Charles Ford  $1,738.00 Marimbas for all!
    Sarah Nielsen  $1,364.56 Student driven Kinesthetic enlightment in PPCD
    Wortham Oaks ES    
    Robin Ratliff  $1,750.00 A Novel Approach
    Veterans Memorial HS    
    Brandace Sandoval  $1,819.86 VMHS Peer Mediation Program
    Total Grants Awarded  $32,013.38  


    2018 Grant Recipients

    Employee Name(s) Amount Proposal Name
    Rolling Meadows ES
    Jennifer G. Heine $2,127.80 RME Reads
    Olympia ES
    Kathryn King $2,060.64 Ringing in Learning
    Salinas ES
    Cristine A. Wunstel $2,482.24 On Another Level
    Kitty Hawk MS
    Linda Carey $2,781.94 Art Tables
    Crestview ES
    Melissa Chapa,
    Lucila Rodriguez,
    Julie Burton,
    Chantae King,
    Diana G. Flores
    $2,433.00 Lego Educational Program
    Millers Point ES
    Kimberly Galloway,
    Nicole Owens,
    Rebecca Sprouse,
    Amy Bearce
    $2,497.25 STEM center
    Paschall ES
    Tamara Ferguson $2,475.40 Robotics Innovation
    for Live Long learners
    Wagner HS
    Frank Foster $350.00 Fine Arts Proposal
    Judson HS
    Tiffany Christo $1,150.00 Giving Life Skills
    Students a Voice
    Sarah Bancroft $1,266.81 Unconventionally
    Fashion Forward
    Danielle Smith $2,498.14 Conductors of Education
    Total Grants Awarded $22,123.22

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