Partnership Opportunities

  • Be Our Partner

    If you are interested in being a local business partner, Judson ISD would like to partner with your business!

    We have over 2,800 Judson ISD employees and we would like to give them an opportunity to be your customer. If your business offers special discount deals, coupons, exciting events, free consultations or free seminars, then you should apply to be a partner.

    Hands Shaking Your Partnership Perk will be shared with our employees through our intranet site, Social Media Page, and JISD Post Monthly Newsletter.

    In-Kind Donations

    Support our students, teachers, and staff! In-Kind donations are greatly appreciated. Examples of In-Kind donations include school and office supplies, equipment, student certificates and teacher appreciation certificates or gift cards. To offer an In-Kind Donation contact the Communications Department at 210-945-5414.

    Monetary Donation

    Monetary Donations are a very common type of partnership. Examples of monetary donations includes grants, scholarships and event sponsorships. To donate to a program, activity or Judson Education Foundation, contact the Communications Department at 210-945-5414.


    Be a Career Day Speaker

    Group of Professionals We are seeking Career Day speakers to share their experiences with young students aspiring to step into the workforce following high school and higher education.  Real life stories will help these students to understand what is available to them in the career marketplace and what to look for when pursuing their goals.

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