Coping with Deployment

  • How do you cope when a parent deploys?

    KIDS  Military Kids Connect

    MilitaryKids MilitaryKidsConnect (MKC) is an online community of military children (ages 6-17 yr old) that provides access to age-appropriate resources to support children from pre-deployment, through a parent's or caregiver's return. 

    MKC offers informative activities, fun games, helpful videos, and interesting user surveys that can guide and reinforce understanding, resilience, and coping skills in military children and their peers.

    Today's military kids grow up in a world where they may experience multiple deployments of important family members. They need a unique set of skills to draw on in order to get through long and often difficult separations and situations. MKC helps children prepare for the challenges faced during these significant family transitions.

    Through participation in MKC's monitored online forums, children can share their own ideas, experiences, and suggestions with other military children, helping them to know they are not alone in dealing with the stresses of deployment.

    MKC's focused parent and educator tracks provide information to help them understand what it takes to support military children in at-home and school settings.

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