Military Transitions

  • Let's Help Smooth the Transition: Ease the challenges that military-connected students face due to transitions and deployments.

    The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, commonly referred to as "the Compact," helps to ensure that the challenges faced by military-connected students are being met nationwide.

    Established in 2008, the Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission oversees the Compact, and member states agree to address the challenges of military-connected children and their frequent relocations. It allows for uniform treatment as military children transfer between school districts and states.

    Additional Website resources that can help smooth your transition: - Military Youth on the Move is a great resource for all school ages to help with the challenges of a military move offers its homework help services free to all K-12 military children is the Military Child Education Coalition's website and has a wealth of resources for military families changing schools
    - provides information about all schools, state policies, credit transfers, and graduation requirements in all 50 states. - offers many information services for military families, but also has counselors available via phone 24/7 in case you, or your children, need someone to talk to. This is free and does not require a Tricare referral.

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