Military Parent Resources and Parent Involvement

  • Accommodations for Enrollment and Educational rights for children of Military Families

    Children of military families will be provided flexibility regarding certain district requirements, including:

    • Immunization requirements
    • Grade level, course, or educational placement
    • Eligibility requirements for participation in extracurricular activities
    • Graduation requirements

    In addition, absences related to a student visiting with his or her parent, including a stepparent or legal guardian, who has been called to activity duty for, is on leave from, or is returning from a deployment of at least four months will be excused by the district.

    The district will permit no more than five excused absences per year for this purpose. For the absence to be excused, the absence must occur no earlier than the 60th day before deployment or no later than the 30th day after the parent’s return from deployment. Your school's guidance and counseling department can answer questions you may have regarding accomodations. Click for More information from TEA.

    Quick Links for Parents New to the District:

    Operation Homefront

    Supporting Military Families in Need. Get Help Now!!

    Operation Homefront- Relief, Recovery and Recognition

    It's a great feeling. To get RELIEF during a crisis, a place to RECOVER if you need it and a little bit of RECOGNITION for a life of sacrifice. That is what Operation Homefront is all about... and it's making a difference.

    Relief - Operation Homefront assists military families during difficult financial times by providing food assistance, auto and home repair, vision care, travel and transportation, moving assistance, essential home items, and financial assistance.

    Recover - Wounded Warriors are a specific concern for Operation Homefront. That is why Operation Homefront has established Operation Homefront Village. The caregiver for wounded warriors also needs help and that is why we formed Hearts of Valor.

    Recognition - Operation Homefront supports every military family member. They host a gala each year that recognizes an extraordinary military child and they host multiple Homefront Celebrations each year to show their appreciation to military spouses.

    8930 Fourwinds Dr Ste 340
    San Antonio, TX 78239
    Phone: (210) 659-7756
    Toll Free: (800) 722-6098
    Fax: (210) 566-7544

    National PTA Association

    The National PTA Military Alliance for Parents and Partners
    "Helping Students Succeed and Achieve as They Learn"

    The National PTA® Military Alliance for Parents and Partners is a group of organizations that work together to provide resources to and advocate for military-connected families.

    The alliance identifies and addresses the unique social and educational challenges that these families face due to issues of deployment and mobility, among others. Specifically, members of the alliance work both jointly and independently with National PTA to develop a collaborative strategy to create awareness around serving military families and provide and develop resources for military families.

    The participants include:

    AUSAAssociation of the United States Army
    MCECMilitary Children Education Coalition
    MISAMilitary Impacted Schools Association
    NMFANational Military Family Association

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