RME Library

  • While we are all away from the physical books, many e-books are available to us!


    Rolling Meadows Online Library: or Mackin App

    username: rollingmeadows

    Password: books



    Monday - Friday 7:00 A.M. - 2:45 P.M.



    PreK-1st Grade: 1 book at a time 

    2nd-5th Grade: 2 books at a time

    Students can checkout books as often as they'd like, but previous books will need to be turned in before a new one can be checked out. We highly encourage readers to FINISH their book before returning it to the library! 



    Overdue Books:

    We don't charge fines for overdue books! However, books must be turned in before students are allowed to checkout new books. 

    Lost Books:

    We charge the cost of the book if a book is lost. Students will not be able to checkout new books until the lost book is found or paid for. 

    Damaged Books: 

    Cost will vary based on the damage incurred.