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    Route Bus # 

    Sub Bus #

    Delayed Combined Sub 

    Updated as of 10/23/2019 5:03 PM


    1    Converse ES
    70 20   Wagner HS
    108  163    Mary Hartman & Park Village ES
     108 112   Delayed  Woodlake Hills MS (After Route 112, return for Route 108)
    Route Bus #   Sub Bus #   NOTES -- SUB BUSES FOR ENTIRE ROUTE
    19 182    JECA
    20 84    Ed Franz ES / JACE
    50  120    Rolliong Meadows / Kitty Hawk MS / Veterans Memorial HS
    67 164   Salinas ES / Kitty Hawk MS / Judson HS
    111 85   James Masters ES / Metzger MS / Wagner HS
    119 87   Coronado Village ES / Judson MS
    122 127   Millers Point ES / Judson MS / Judson HS
    128 123   Coronado Village ES / Kitty Hawk MS / Veterans Memorial HS
    175 143    Mary Hartman & Park Village ES / Metzger MS / CATE Shuttle
    177 176   Candlewood ES / Kirby MS / Wagner HS
     231 264   Hopkins ES / Metzger MS
    268 269   Wortham Oaks & Rolling Meadows ES/Veterans Memorial HS
    273 249   Olympia & Coronado Village ES / Adult Years Vocational Program
    283 272   Woodlake ES / Woodlake Hills MS / Judson HS
     295 258    Oak Meadow ES
  • Greetings From the Transportation Department

    Hello Judson ISD Community. For the latest Routing updates using the Chrome Browser Click Hereand Transfinder will assist you in locating your student's bus route and stop. Type in your address and locate your school for your bus stop. For easy instructions click on the Transfinder for Parents Brochure. Thank you for your cooperation.


    The Mission of the JISD Transportation Department is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the children and adults who ride the school buses. As members of the education community, JISD Transportation Department Bus Drivers and Assistants will serve as an example for student riders by presenting a professional image, providing positive interactions, and maintaining a safe and clean school bus environment.


    The goals of the Transportation Department are to:

    • Gain public confidence through courteous and safe operation of district vehicles
    • Strictly observing all traffic laws, using defensive driving, and maintaining route reliability
    • Communicate with all customers and the general public in a respectful and professional manner

    Looking for Bus Route Information: 

    Please go to 'Resources' located on the Judson ISD Website. Under 'Parents' click on 'Bus Routes'. Our Transfinder System will assist you in locating your bus route (and school) when you type in your address. Transfinder for Parents Brochure


    Judson ISD provides transportation if the following requirements are met:

    • The student must live more than two (2) miles from their assigned school as measured by the shortest route that may be traveled on public roads from the student's home to school.
    • The student must reside in the district and in the attendance area of the school they attend.
    • If a student does not attend the school in their attendance area, but transportation is not provided.

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