What's Happening in Energy Management?


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    JISD Energy Management receives CPS Rebate Check total $219,887 for 2018 Energy Solution Projects

    Joe Jones with CPS Energy announced at the meeting:

     Joe Jones Thank You


       JISD Energy Management Awards $8,844.00 in Energy Reduction Incentives to Campuses!

    The JISD Energy Management Department conducted a district-wide energy reduction incentive program over a four month period, beginning September 1st, 2018 and ending on December 31,2018. Utility bills were compare from previous year same timeframe..

    As part of our comprehensive Energy Management Program, a portion of savings are earmarked for incentives . This year, we returned over $8,844.00 back to the campuses for reducing their overall electricity consumption. JCARE celebrated being the number one reducer and received $2,596.00 and Hopkins ranked number two at $1,138.00!



    Ricci Bethely-Day and Sounjalynne Mata accepts the award for JCARE  reduction 40%


    Terry Combs and Emilie Hayes accepts the award for Hopkins  reduction 17.5%



    Susaye Scott accepts the award for Converse reduction 3.2%


    Sherri Wrather and Rebecca Igou accepts the award for JCARE  reduction 6.9%


    Tricia Davila accepts award for Pashall reduction  0.4%


    Ted Haynes ,Michelle Allen and Muezetta Robinson  accepts the award for Masters  reduction 11.5%


    Loretta Davidson and Joanna Campos accepts the award for Coronado reduction 4.7%

    Park Village

    Sharon Balderas, Miriam Blanton and Sarah Donald accepts the award for Park Village reduction 1.08%


    Shawna Houahan and Kelle Lofton accepts the award for Franz reduction 2%

    Rolling Meadows

    Michelle LaRue, Deborah Rice and Allison Sproles accepts the award for Rolling Meadows reduction 0.5%



    Shannon George and Karen Durkin accepts the award for Woodlake reduction 1.5%

    woodlake hills

    Daniel Brooks accepts the award for Woodlake reduction 7.3%

    spring meadows

    Destiny Barrera and Energy Captain Jacob Lopez accepts the award for Spring Meadows reduction 14.3%


    Scott Wilson, Tiffany McHugh and Shawn Beach accepts the award for Elolf reduction 3%



    Jerome Johnson accepts the award for Kirby reduction 9.6%


    Daniel Martinez and Therese Ermer accepts the award for Salinas reduction 2.7%


    Gregory Brauer and Chanell Gomez accepts the award for Veterans reduction 9.1%


    Judson ISD earns BIG $’s with CPS Energy’s 2018 Demand Response Program

    2018 DR Check

    Judson ISD (JISD) earned an incentive check in the amount of $280,973 for participating in the 2018 Demand Response (DR) program during the months of June- September.  With 26 campuses participating this year, the district averaged a 4,014 KW reduction, and saved over 145,508 kWh.

    CPS Energy’s Demand Response program provides customers an opportunity to earn financial incentives while playing a significant role in stabilization of the electric grid.  This is accomplished by reducing or shifting commercial and industrial customers’ electricity usage during peak periods.

    “This is our 6th year participating in CPS Energy’s Demand Response program, said JISD’s District Energy Manager David Oehler.”  Since the Program started, Judson ISD has earned over $1,382,612.19 in incentive payment.  “By participating in the program, we receive year-end incentives and rebates that save thousands on energy costs, allowing more funds to be invested into resources for students.”

    Demand Response is an integral part of CPS Energy’s Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) that’s planned to save 771 megawatts of electrical demand in Bexar County by the year 2020.  STEP’s goals include eliminating the need to build a new generation resource, and improving air quality in the San Antonio area.

    The DR program is a voluntary load curtailment program for commercial and industrial customers.  The program is designed to reduce peak load by offering incentives to decrease electric load on the hottest summer days. 

    “Our team works closely with our customers to develop detailed plans to reduce energy costs, said CPS Energy’s Key Account Manager Joe Jones.” “We are excited to offer valuable programs that help enrich our education system and the community in which we work, live and play.”

    Schools are good candidates for demand response programs for several reasons. Energy usage peaks around mid to late afternoon, with loads dropping after school hours and during the summer months – when the distribution grid is most in demand. The largest energy uses for schools are heating, cooling and lighting.   These are all areas where minor adjustments can be made quickly and easily, without negative impacts to the school facilities.

    Though this specific program is aimed at local commercial and industrial customers, CPS Energy offers similar programs for residential customers through the My Thermostat Rewards program.

    Additional information can be found at cpsenergy.com.



    JISD Energy Management receives CPS Rebate Check total $577,052.4 for 2017

    2018 Demand Response

    The check is for our participation this past year in the CPS Energy’s Demand Response Program at 25 campuses. The Demand Response program is when the utility grid is at a peak on usage. CPS requests their customers to reduce usage where they can. Participants within this plan get paid back for their reduction .

    During extreme temperatures customers use MORE ENERGY. Using More energy can cause price spikes and possible blackouts. >Normally, utilities fire up another POWER PLANT to meet demand. But Demand Response, A/C units and appliances adjust to Energy efficient presets. Energy use drops and participants see lower ELECTRIC BILLS.


    This year CPS is presenting a total check amount $382,341.19

    The second check was for the past years rebates for HVAC and lighting retrofits totalling $194,711.28