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  • What we do ...

    The Student Information Department, in collaboration with the Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Departments, coordinates the implementation of JISD’s Curriculum Based Assessment Initiative. In doing this, the department:

    • prints answer documents for kinder through 12th grade students
    • organizes the printing and delivery of CBA test booklets to the campuses
    • scans of all answer documents
    • disaggregates and analyzes the assessment data at the campus and district levels
    • works in partnership with the content area specialists in the development of the JISD Assessment Data Books

    The Student Information Department also works with various departments and administrators in the development of assessment data reports in order to monitor student achievement and create action plans for increasing academic success. These reports include:

    • disaggregation of district and campus averages, drop-out rates, STAAR/TAKS, Benchmark, and CBA scores
    • disaggregation comprehensive individual student assessment results
    • student data for PBMAS, CTE, the ESL and Bilingual programs, acquisition and evaluation of Grants, etc
    • comparative analyses of student attendance at the district and individual campus level each six weeks
    • custom reports created to requested specifications as a need arises

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    Rebecca Defenbaugh
    Director of Student Information

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