Accountability & Assessment

  • BREAKING NEWS: STAAR Assessments are cancelled amid Coronavirus school closures.  For information regarding how this cancellation impacts grade promotion or graduation requirements, view our Parent Edition Newsletter HERE.

    Judson ISD is committed to fostering academic success and social well being for all students.  A comprehensive testing program is one essential component of a student's academic experience. The district and campuses evaluate the data gathered from tests in order to plan instruction that focuses on the needs of each student.

    The Judson ISD Accountability & Assessment Office is responsible for the coordination and overall implementation of state and local assessments.  The department supports campuses and district personnel by providing training and information regarding testing and accountability policy and procedures and assures that state regulations are followed for the security and confidentiality of all state tests. The Accountability & Assessment Office, in collaboration with other departments, works to ensure that results are accurate in reflecting the progress of our students and promotes best practices in order for students to reach their goals toward graduation and college & career preparation. 

    More information about the Texas Assessment program for families, educators and administrators can be found at Texas

  • Nicole Taguinod

    Nicole Taguinod, EdD
    Director of Accountability & Assessment 
    (210) 945-5328

    Kimberly Carlton
    Assessment Specialist
    (210) 945-5329
    (210) 619-0456 FAX 

    Lydia Martinez
    Testing Assistant
    (210) 945-5334
    (210) 619-0456 FAX 

    Wendy Sterling
    Testing Specialist
    (210) 945-5336
    (210) 619-0456 FAX