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    8th Grade to 9th Grade Transition Information 

    Thank you for visiting the Guidance and Counseling website.  We will be updating our page to provide the most up to date information for students and parents in many areas such as transition from 5th to 6th grade and 8th to 9th grade.  We also will include social emotional learning information and self care items for students, parents, and staff.  If you need assistance please contact one of our staff members below and we will be willing to help you.  

    Thank you- Monica Garcia Executive Director of Student and Family Support Services 

    If you need to contact your campus counselor or social worker click below to find their email or phone number. 

    Counselor/Social Worker Contact List

    The Judson ISD Department of Guidance and Counseling consist of:

    • Professional School Counselors
    • Social Workers
    • At-Risk Counselors
    • College Counselors
    • Career Counselors
    • Military Family, McKinney Vento/Foster Care College Readiness Specialist 
    • School Age Parent Program Social Worker
    • Social Emotional Learning Specialist 
    • Attendance Officers
    • Dropout Prevention Specialist 
    • Communities in Schools 

    Our team is prepared to provide the best services to assist students and families during the 2020-2021 School Year.  

    Click to view our JISD Social Emotional Support Road Map 


    New 2021-2022 HS Course Catalog



    2020-2021 Middle School Course Catalog


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