FLL Robotics Club

  • Teacher Advisor: Robin Ratliff, Christina Bone

    Meeting Dates and Time: Thursdays from 3:10-4:30, Dates and times are added as needed.

    Students are engaged in hands-on STEM experiences, they build confidence, grow their knowledge and develop habits of cooperation and perserverance. Coaches provide support as they interact with students, but students build skills through discovery.   Students are encouraged to try, fail, and try again, while connecting engineering concepts to real-world examples. Students will complete a research project that involves a viable solution to the 2021-2022 First LEGO League challenge, program the EV3 robot to accomplish missions, and strive to build a working team that is able to collaborate successfully and find value in team member strengths.

    One Team of ten students from 4th-6th grade.

    CARGO CONNECT Challenge Overview

    CARGO CONNECT Season 2021-2022 Lauch Video


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