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    1st Period -- 8:15-9:15 -- Woodlake/Judson MS -- Team Teaching (Cristo, Lyons)
    2nd Period -- 9:50-11:34 -- PAC111 - Nova (Cristo)
    2nd Period -- 9:50-11:34 -- PAC110 -- Brothers' Ensemble (Lyons)
    3rd Period -- 11:38-1:12 -- PAC110 -- Chorale (Cristo, Lyons)
    4th Period -- 1:46-3:16 -- PAC111 - Ladies A Cappella (Lyons)
    4th Period -- 1:46-3:16 -- PAC110 - Cantate Show Choir (Cristo)
    5th Period -- 3:20-4:35 -- PAC110 -- Common Planning Period (Cristo, Lyons)
    After-School -- 4:40-5:30 -- PAC110 -- All-State Sectionals, Tutoring, & Rehearsals
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