General Questions

  • What system is being used to register students?

  • What school is my child zoned to?

Pre-Kindergarten Questions

  • Why can't I register my PreK3 student?

  • Why is Pre-K important?

  • Does Judson ISD accept all students into their PreK programs?

  • When can I register my child for Pre-K?

  • Can I still register my child for the curent school year?

  • When can my student start Kindergarten?

  • What documents do I need to bring?

  • Where can I get my student's Birth Certificate?

  • What is the age requirement to attend Pre-K?

  • May a child who is five years old on September 1 be enrolled in Pre-K?

  • May my child be excluded from the Pre-K program if they are not potty trained or have frequent bathroom accidents?

  • Is Pre-K full day or half day?

  • What are the school hours for Pre-Kindergarten programs?

General Registration Questions

  • What immunizations is my child required to have?

  • What documents will I need to register my student?

  • Will new hires be bound by the timeline to enroll their children?

School of Choice

  • Will my child automatically be accepted to the School of Choice (SOC)?

  • How will I be notified that my request has been approved or denied?

  • Can I choose to attend any Judson ISD School?

  • What if my child receives Special Education Services?

  • Will transportation be available for school of choice students?

  • Can my child still compete in UIL if they transfer schools?

  • Will I have to request a transfer to the school of choice annually?

  • Can my child request another transfer to a different School of Choice during the school year?

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