About the Library


    The library is open from 7:15 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. daily. Every class is scheduled to visit once a week for 30 minutes, and teachers are able to schedule additional time as needed. The library is also available throughout the week for open check out. 

    Pre-K through 1st grade are able to check out one book at a time, and 2nd through 5th grade are able to check out two books.

    Click here to get your password for our Judson ISD electronic library resources. 

    Students may check out ebooks through our school library or the San Antonio Public Library. First, download the free Sora app on your device, then search for Judson ISD and San Antonio Public Library. 



    Library Mission

    The Coronado Village Elementary library endeavors to give students, teachers, and staff access to excellent resources and programs in a way that is flexible, organized and supportive of the school’s curriculum so that together we can learn to use, contribute to, and thrive in an information literate society. The library media center seeks to promote a love of reading, develop information literate students, create lifelong learners, and help teachers teach.

    Biblioteca Misión

    El Coronado Pueblo esfuerzos colección de Primaria para dar a los estudiantes, maestros y personal acceso a excelentes recursos y programas de una manera que sea flexible, organizado y de apoyo del plan de estudios de la escuela para que juntos podamos aprender a usar, contribuir y prosperar en un sociedad de la información leer y escribir. El centro de la colección de los medios de comunicación tiene por objeto promover el amor por la lectura, desarrollar la información a los estudiantes leer y escribir, crear aprendices de por vida, y ayudar a los profesores enseñar.