AP/IB Class Information

  • Advanced Placement

    • College class on high school campus
    • Experience and expectations of a college situation
    • Earn college credit if test score is sufficient to meet requirement of particular college
    • Content driven with depth of subject
    • Participation is an expectation for admission to many colleges
    • Taking an AP Exam and earning college credit can allow students to by-pass intro-level coursework or make it easier to double major or study abroad.
    • Content and expectations dictated by College Board

    International Baccalaureate is

    • Global in outlook and perspective
    • Global standards and participation
    • A complete degree program including all content provisions
    • Based on thinking skills and problem solving
    • Writing is a major component in all areas
    • Stresses being a well rounded, actively engaged student
    • Diploma is major asset in University admission
    • 24 semester hours credit at Texas state colleges and universities given for Diploma

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