Gifted & Talented

  • Program Description

    childrenGifted students in grades K-12 are provided educational experiences and/or services through the Judson ISD Gifted and Talented (GT) Program. The focus of this program includes problem solving and creative thinking skills. Students are provided opportunities to participate in activities that utilize thinking processes and promote the development of higher level thinking skills, including advanced research and independent study skills.

    Position Statement

    boyGifted and talented students possess outstanding talent and perform or show the potential for performing at remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience or environment. These children and youth exhibit high performance capability in intellectual, creative and/or artistic areas, possess an unusual leadership capacity, or excel in specific academic fields. They require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the schools.

    The JISD Elementary GT program is designed to identify and provide services for all gifted students in grades K-5. These students have the potential to perform at high levels of accomplishment as compared to their peers. Our goal is to create and promote an exemplary educational program that recognizes the unique characteristics of gifted students, fosters their intellectual abilities, nurtures their social and emotional needs and inspires their lifelong achievement.


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