• Woodlake Elementary, home of the Woodlake Vikings, is located in the Woodlake Community in Northeast San Antonio.  Woodlake was built in 1979.

    Five years prior to officially approving the construction of an elementary school in the Woodlake subdivision, the Board of Trustees of the Judson Independent School district had the foresight to purchase the property which would eventually be the site of Woodlake Elementary School.  During the interim between purchasing the site and the actual construction of a building, the grounds were utilized by the community as they were able to enjoy the various pieces of playground equipment that were erected on the site by the school district.

    After having attended school at Kirby Elementary and then shifting to Crestview Elementary, students and parents were elated when the Board of Trustees gave the approval for construction of Woodlake Elementary.  At a bid opening on July 19, 1978, Roma Construction Company of San Antonio was awarded the bid for construction of Woodlake Elementary at a cost of $1,583,000.00.

    Inclement weather and a series of delays in the shipment of building materials considerably extended the completion date of construction of Woodlake Elementary.  Despite the partial completion of construction, Woodlake Elementary opened its doors to 451 students and 34 staff members for the 1979 - 1980 school year.  Official completion of the structure happened during the school year.  Student growth throughout the year was gradual, with the peak enrollment of 554 students coming in the final month of the school year.

    Construction of homes in the Woodlake Elementary attendance zone dictated the need for additional classroom space.  Eight classrooms were constructed and first utilized during the 1984 - 1985 school year.  In addition to the permanent structure, five portable classrooms temporarily housed some of the 973 students that were enrolled at the school during the 1985 - 86 school year.  Eventually, the portable classrooms were removed and a new, stand alone wing was added with 8 additional classrooms.

    Woodlake Elementary has seen many changes since 1979.  That year, the Superintendent of Judson ISD was William F. Sevier.  Now, in 2018, the Superintendent of Judson ISD is Dr. Jeanette Ball.  We've seen our student enrollment change from over 900 children to an annual average enrollment of 700 students. When Woodlake Elementary first opened, we taught students in Kindergarten - 6th grade.  Now, Woodlake Elementary teaches students in Pre-K through 5th grade.  We are also an ESL and TAG campus.

    The one thing, however, that has never changed is the dedication to students that our faculty and staff have.

    We are, and forever shall be, Viking Strong!