Wagner Counseling Team

  • OFFICE HOURS: 8:25 AM-4:55 PM

    Students are welcome to meet with their counselor before school, after school, or during their lunch period. Only students who have appointments or who have a high-priority need will be seen during class time.

    Counselor duties often vary daily. If your counselor is unavailable and you would like to set up an appointment, please email your counselor, fill out a "Request to See Counselor" form, or scan the QR code on the "Request To See My Counselor" poster.


    The mission of the Karen Wagner High School Counseling program is to provide a comprehensive and developmental counseling program addressing the personal/social, academic, and career development of all students. School counselors are professional advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement. In partnership with other educators, parents or guardians and the community. School counselors facilitate the support system to ensure all students who attend Karen Wagner High School have access to and are prepared with knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest as productive members of society.


    Guidance Curriculum: "The guidance curriculum is designed to provide lessons systematically to students that facilitate growth, development in the areas of educational, career, personal, and social development. In Texas, four strategic competencies have been identified for the guidance curriculum: Intrapersonal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Post-Secondary Education and Career Readiness, and Personal Health and Safety."

    Examples of Guidance Curriculum Lessons:

    • study skills/testing anxiety
    • goal-setting
    • problem-solving
    • healthy relationships
    • bullying/cyberbullying
    • drug prevention and awareness
    • college and career readiness
    • graduation requirements

    Responsive Services: "The purpose of the responsive services is to support students and offer services in their time of need. Preventive services, remedial services, and crisis services are provided.

    Examples of Responsive Services:

    • academic concerns
    • relationship concerns
    • crisis intervention
    • grief support
    • student mediations
    • bullying/cyberbullying
    • parent/teacher & teacher/student conferences

    Individual Planning: "The purpose of individual planning is to assist students with focused attention toward their personal goals. Students need opportunity to monitor and understand their own educational, career, personal, and social development, while considering need, academic implications, speicalized circumstances/services, and cultural implications. Realistic and attainable goal setting processes are set."

    Examples of Individual Planning:

    • goal-setting (short, intermediate, and long-term)
    • college and career readiness
    • course selection
    • personal graduation plans
    • development of appropriate social behavior 

    System Support: "Systems support is the foundation of the school counseling program. It consists of management activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the total school counseling program."

    Examples of System Support:

    • parent/community outreach
    • Counseling Advisory Committee
    • consultation with teachers
    • implementation of standarized state testing program
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