Reading Lists

  • The Texas Library Association provides lists for various populations each year to expose readers to recommended new titles. See the lists linked in the submenus under "Reading Lists" to access each list. 

    The TAYSHAS List provides young adult readers titles to read for pleasure and includes both fiction and nonfiction titles.

    The Texas Topaz List is a list of nonfiction titles for children to adults. This list is desgined for pleasure reading not curriculum suggestions.

    The Maverick List contains graphic novel titles appropriate for students grades 6-12, and the list is broken up into 6-8 titles, 6-12 titles, and 9-12 titles.  

    The Lariat List is for adult readers. It's mission is to "highlight outstanding fiction books that are simply a pleasure to read." 

    It is my hope that these lists will expose our readers to titles and authors that may have otherwise not known. Enjoy reading!