• The JISD Department of Athletics fulfills the following roles:

    1. Directs the operation of the athletic program and is responsible for:

      • All athletic schedules
      • Obtaining officials for games
      • All athletic schedule changes
      • Transportation of all athletic teams
    2. Selects and supervises all coaches
    3. Evaluates the athletic programs and the athletic staff
    4. Oversees athletic training program and procedures

    For more information on JISD Athletics follow this website

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Contact Us

  • Mike Miller

    Mike Miller
    Athletics Boys Director

    Ryanne Dupree

    Ryanne Dupree
    Athletics Girls Director

    Department of Athletics
    9150 FM 1516 N.
    Converse, TX 78109
    (210) 945-1252
    (210) 659-1699 FAX