Classroom Policies/Procedures

  • Expectations

    Students are expected to bring a pen or pencil to class every day, plus all homework or related class materials. Class participation feedback depends on consistently bringing needed materials and being ready to contribute to the class. NO CELL PHONES ARE PERMITTED IN THE CLASSROOMS!

    Grading Policy

    Test/Labs 40%

    Quizzes/Daily work/Notebook 60%

    Late work will lose 5 point per day for a maximum of 3 days.

    There will be opportunities for corrections.

    Classroom Policies and Procedures

    • Arrive on time to class.
    • Be prepared. Computer is charged; Set up in a quiet place; Wear School appropriate clothing.
    • Respect Privacy. Do not take screenshots/photos or record classmates.
    • Be an Active participant. Raise your hand to speak. Type questions in Chat box. Do your part in breakout Rooms.
    • No other devices or Windows open. (unless your teacher gives you permission.
    • Communicate respectfully with teachers and peers. Stay on Topic.
    • Log into canvas everyday for attendance and daily assignments.
    • Raise your hand for permission to speak or use the hand reaction in the zoom meetings to ask a question.
    • Any behavior which breaks school rules, or prevents Mrs. Miller from teaching is unacceptable.
    • Use appropriate language in meetings and discussions at all times.
    • Failure to follow lab safety rules will result in lost lab time. Instead of participating in lab, a student who has ignored lab safety rules will be given desk work to complete and turn in at the end of the class period.
    • Students will have to have the Metzger Safety Contract signed by a parent before participating in labs. Without the safety contract, students will be completing book work instead of participating in the hands on lab.