• 8th Grade RLA Syllabus 

    Welcome! I am pleased to introduce myself as your RLA (Reading and Language Arts) teacher at Metzger Middle School.  We have much to look forward to this year!  


    The objectives at Metzger include expanding your vocabulary and comprehension in reading. We will review TEKS to help students’ skills as we prepare for the STAAR test in Spring of 2023. Included in lesson cycles for each unit will be opportunities for students to deepen their passion for reading as we discuss novels, short stories, and poetry. Analyzing, collaborating, and communicating are all skills we will use. I have high expectations for each of you, and I believe each of you will succeed and enjoy reading!  

    The range of topics we will study include:  

    • Fictional Text 

    • Nonfictional Text 

    • Poetry 

    • Summarizing 

    • Inferencing 


    Communicating by email is best, and I can be reached at rkusak@judsonisd.org 


    Students are expected to bring a pen or pencil to class every day, plus all related class materials. Class participation feedback depends on consistently bringing needed materials and being ready to contribute to the class. RLA notebooks will be stored in the classroom CELL PHONES should be kept in pocket or backpack. 

    Grading Policy 

    Test/Labs 40%  

    Quizzes/Daily work/Notebook 60 

    There will be opportunities for corrections. 


    • 2 composition books or journals to keep notes and all work 

    • Highlighters for distinguishing important vocabulary words in notes and assignments 

    • Colored Pencils 

    • Markers 

    • Glue sticks 

    • Pocket prong folder 

    • Tissues/Kleenex  



    Classroom Policies and Procedures 

    • Arrive on time to class. 

    • Be prepared. Computer should be charged.  Bring any needed suppliesWear school-appropriate clothing.  

    • Respect Privacy. Do not take screenshots/photos or record classmates. 

    • Be an active participant.  

    • Communicate respectfully with teachers and peers. Stay on Topic. 

    • Any behavior which breaks school rules or prevents from teaching is unacceptable. 

    • Use appropriate language at all times 


    Tutoring and Conferences 

    Students may request a morning or afternoon tutoring pass.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:15 - 5:15.

    Conferences will be by appointment. 6th period free period.