• Expectations:
    1.be on time
    2.be prepared
    3.be respectful
    4.try your best
    5.speak only in Spanish


    Daily routines:

    Beginning of class:
    File into classroom while practicing social distancing. Sanitize your hands at the door before taking your seat. Sit in your assigned seat and pull out all necesary materials. Complete the do first silently and independently, and wait for further instruction.

    During Synchronous/Face-to-Face Instruction: 
    Be an active participant in your learning. Stay present and engaged in the class discussions and activities. Listen, collaborate, and ask questions.

    During Asynchronous/Independent Practice: 
    Complete your daily assignment and submit it to Canvas. Ask help from the teacher if you need further explanation.

    End of class: 
    Stay in your seat and wait until asked to pack up. Wipe down desk area and sanitize hands before leaving class.