Syllabus- what we will know at the end of our pre-k year

  • Expectations- by the end of our pre-k year here are some of the things we should know:  recognize letters (uppercase & lowercase) and their sounds, be able to write our first and last name, recognize a period . question mark ? & exclamation point ! when shown and know what they mean, be able to point to first word, last word, first letter and last letter on a page.  follow 4 step directions on own, recognize AB & ABC patterns, count at least to 30 by ones orally with no prompting, count 10 items while pointing to them and after telling you remembers how many- 1:1 correspondence.  Rhyming words, knows beginning and ending sounds of words.  

    PreK uses the Circle assessment 3x per year- at the beginning, middle and end of year.  This will also be report cards.