• Head Tennis Coach - Somphone Khantharoth
    Assistant Tennis Coach - Kenneth Jennings

    Team Tennis

    Do you have great eye-hand coordination? Are you competitive and a good teammate? Want to go far in life? Then tennis is for you. We are always looking for more tennis players and expand our program. Our team has lots of fun, works hard and we are on the track to winning district.


    Tennis season is a year-round sport. There are (2) formats: Fall tennis is team tennis. Spring tennis is individual tennis.

    The fall season, we compete as a team to win 10 out of 19 matches. The first to 10 essentially wins the competition for that match.

    In the spring, each doubles team or singles team competes to advance as far as possible.

    Philosophy and Goals

    Our goal is to inspire and offer a positive, high quality approach in all of the tennis related areas: physical, technical, tactical, strategic, mental/emotional, and environmental. As a high-performance team, we get tremendous satisfaction when watching student athletes learning a new skill and having their light bulb go on in terms of understanding and integration of that particular skill. To see the look of excitement in their eyes at learning and discovering a new tool as well as the feeling of accomplishment is what it’s all about for us. We’re all about having the player feel good about themselves and gaining a new-found sense of confidence through the sport of tennis to translate to the game of life.

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