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    Course Description:
    This year in 5th grade mathematics we will be covering a lot of new material, while building on previous skills and concepts. A big part of this year will be involving numbers and operations. We will be working on estimation and finding quotients of whole numbers, including quotients of multi digit numbers. Along with that, numbers and operations this year will be covering how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. Another big portion of this mathematics class will be geometry and measurements. This will include finding the volume and surface area of three dimensional figures. 
    Along the way, we will also be learning more about problem solving, how to use the tools and language of mathematics, and how to think mathematically.              

    Course Outline
    Chapter 1: Use Place Value
    Chapter 2: Add and Subtract Whole Numbers and Decimals
    Chapter 3: Multiply Whole Numbers
    Chapter 4: Divide Whole Numbers
    Chapter 5: Use Algebraic Expressions
    Chapter 6: Use Equations and Function Tables
    Chapter 7: Display and Interpret Data
    Chapter 8: Develop Fraction Concepts
    Chapter 9: Use Factors and Multiples
    Chapter 10: Add and Subtract Fractions
    Chapter 11: Use Measures in the Customary System
    Chapter 12: Use Measures in the Metric System
    Chapter 13: Identify, Compare, and Classify Geometric Figures
    Chapter 14: Measure Perimeter, Area, and Volume

    Weighting of Grades/Grade Cutoffs:
    Grades will be weighted according to the following:
    60%     Tests/Quizzes/Projects & Journals
    40%     Homework/Classwork
    100%-90% - A to A-
    89%-80% - B+ to B-
    79%-70% - C+ to C-
    69%-60% - D+ to D-
    Below 60% - F

    Late Work/Missing Work:
    Assignments turned in late will receive a grade no higher than a 70.  Any missing work at the end of mid-quarter will change to a zero.

    Extra Credit
    Extra credit may be offered, once all make-up work has been turned in.

    Make-up Work Policy
    If a student is absent, the student is responsible for the information/assignments given during their absence.  Daily work/notes can be copied from other students.