• Students will be expected to:

    Be on time. 

    Be in the present. (When your in class, be here, not "somewhere else.")

    Follow the R3S: Respect: Yourself, Students, and the School.

                    This is a school wide policy that will be discusses at length during Advisory and student assemblies.

    Respect yourself by: 

    • Having pride in your appearance
    • Giving your best effort in all activities
    • Having pride in the quality of your work 
    • Using school appropriate language 


    Respect fellow students by: 

    • Helping each other when needed
    • Using your manners -- address each other by name 
    • Encouraging each other 
    • Keepign your hands and feet to yourself
    • Thoughtfully addressing conflict with other students


    Respect your school by: 

    • Listening and following your Teacher's direction
    • Cleaning up behind yourself
    • Following all classroom rules and procedures 
    • Helping maintain the school's appearance



    1.Verbal Warning

    2.Phone Call Home

    3.Refer to Counselor with a call home

    4.Teacher/Student/Principal Conference

    5.Office Referral