• I have one main rule:

    Act in a professional manner, have a good attitude, and be curious.

    I have a high threshold for respect.  I will always show respect first, but it is your job to mantain that respect.  We will work together to create an environment of trust, education, and encouragement.  There are set guidelines and expectations, and we need to work together to ensure our classroom is productive, yet still fun.  


    1. Be prepared for class. Right materials. Right attitude

    2. I expect students to do their best and act as you should.

    3. I will be a friend, but I am not your friend. (I will be friendly and open to you to ask what you need, but I am not here to be your friend. I am still the teacher.)

    4. Participate and be productive

    5. Bewilling to make mistakes. (you cannot learn the correct answer if you are afraid of the wrong answer.)

    6. Treat others as you want to be treated

    7. Pay attention to due dates.

    Most importantly: Be interactive. All students are a part of the class.


    In my classroom, all the students are on the same playing field.  You have no more or less experience in a grade than the rest of your peers, and as such, you should respect  each other and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses you each have.  My classroom will work as a team to better each individual that comes through the door.