• Grades 2 – 5 Homework Expectations 

    Homework expectations for grade 2–5 students are:

    • Assignments with grades reported as class work grades are to be completed in the classroom. 
    • Work assigned to be completed at home must be evaluated as homework and recorded in the homework section of the grade book. 
    • Homework should be a review or reinforcement of skills already covered in the classroom and should not be new information for the student. 
    • Homework should not exceed 45 minutes nightly, including reading and math facts. Students are expected to complete all homework assignments. Students in grades 2-5 are expected to read, or be read to, for at least 20 minutes each school night. Students should also practice math facts weekly. If a student has two or more teachers, the teachers are expected to coordinate homework to adhere to the maximum time frame


    Homework :

    • The purpose of homework is to promote high-quality student learning and achievement.
    • Homework is an out-of-classroom learning experience assigned by a teacher to enhance student learning.
    • It is to target specific learning outcomes, reinforce TEKS taught in the classroom, and provide practice in specific skills.
    • Homework is to be reviewed by teachers to assess students’ skills and knowledge in order to inform instruction.
    • When assigning homework, teachers will ensure that students are provided with sufficient information and direction to complete the homework assignment independently, and that the assignment is not excessive for its intended purpose. In addition, homework is not to be assigned as a discipline consequence.