• Kindergarten Syllabus

    Students will learn to…

    English Language Arts and Reading

    -identify uppercase and lowercase letters

    -identify letter sounds

    -identify and produce rhyming words

    -orally blends letter sounds to read words

    -identify and read sight words

    -demonstrates comprehension of a fictional story read aloud

    -identify story elements

    -demonstrates comprehension of an informational text read aloud

    -retell important facts in a story


    -use elements of the writing process to compose text

    -form letters legibly

    -use appropriate capitalization and punctuation

    -use letter-sound correspondence to spell words

    -print name using capital and lowercase letters


    -recite numbers to 100 by ones and tens from any given number

    -generate a number that is 1 more than, or 1 less than, or equal to a number; that is up to or at least 20 with and without objects/pictures

    -read numbers 0-20

    -write numbers 0-20

    -represents numbers up to 20 with or without objects/pictures

    -compose and decompose numbers up to 10

    -solve word problems to find sums up to 10 with or without objects/pictures

    -solve word problems to find differences up to 10 with or without objects/pictures

    -sort and classify 2D figures (circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares as special rectangles)

    -sort and classify 3D figures (cones, spheres, cylinders, and cubes)

    -compare objects by measurable attributes

    -create real object and picture graph and draw conclusions

    -identify U.S. coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) by name

    -understands how to earn an income

    -knows the difference between wants and needs


    -understands science concepts presented on matter, energy, earth/space, organisms and environment

    -uses scientific investigations and reasoning skills to explore, collect and use data to understand science concepts

    Social Studies

    -understands concept of citizenship among self, home, school and community

    -applies critical thinking skills to locate, organize, sequence, and categorize information from a variety of resources

    Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology

    - Demonstrates concepts and skills

    - Participates in activites appropriately