• Pre-Kindergarten End of Year Expecations

    By the end of the year, your child is expected to:

    • Phonics:
    • Know at least 20 upper case and 20 lower case letters
    • Recognize and produce at least 20 letter sounds
    • Phonological Awareness and literacy:
    • Identify beginning sounds
    • Recognize and produce rhyme
    • count syllables in a word
    • combine words to make compound words
    • Read basic sight words and environmental print
    • Retell a story read to me and identify main components of story (characters, setting)
    • Sequence events
    • Writing:
    • Write name and letters
    • Draw a picture to tell a story
    • Dictate an idea/story
    • Write independently
    • Math:
    • Rote count to 30 (count out loud) and count up to 10 objects with one-to-one correspondence
    • Identify numerals 0-9, identify basic shapes and colors
    • Use ordinal terms (first, second, next, last, etc.)
    • Extend and create patterns (AB, AABB, ABC, AAB, etc.)
    • Use objects and picture to make word problems for adding and subtracting to and from 5


    Helpful Hints

    Home activities that can help your child have a successful year:

    • Help your child practice writing his/her name
    • Point out environmental signs (McDonald’s, Target, HEB, etc.)
    • Read, read, read…EVERY DAY!!!
    • Sing nursery rhymes, play rhyming games
    • Games for letter and number identification: matching/concentration, Go Fish!, bingo
    • Practice counting up to 10 objects, touching the objects as you count


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