• Tuition Based Pre-K

    We are very happy to announce that we will PILOT OPENING THE TUITION BASED PRE-K TO THE COMMUNITY  at two locations – Wortham Oaks and Park Village!  Everyone in the JISD community with a 4 year old child is welcomed to register at either of these two locations! 


    The child must still be 4 years of age by September 1st, 2019, but does not need to qualify for Pre-K to enroll in the Community Tuition-Based Pre-K at Wortham Oaks or Park Village.  They also do not have to be zoned to either of the schools.  Tuition will only be accepted through MySchoolBucks at a cost of $450 per month for 10 months (August – May).

    Tuition Based Community Pre-K

    Parent Letter

  • Can I enroll my child even if he does not live in the district?

  • If I enroll my child in tuition-based Pre-K for the community, does he get to ride the bus?

  • What happens if a child enrolls in the Community Tuition-Based Pre-K at Park Village or Wortham but is zoned to a different campus? Can the child stay at WOE or PVES when he goes to Kinder?