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                To ensure adequate funding for uniforms and activities every cadet is required to pay a $50 annual enrollment fee. Although the fee does not cover all costs, it will help to offset costs associated with the Battalion shirt, physical fitness shirt, cadet uniform, and accoutrements (awards and decorations). Please make all checks or money orders payable to “VMHS JROTC”.  Cash is our preferred method to process.


               (Specialty Teams) Each team member is required to pay $40 to participate.  This fee covers competition registration fees, specialty uniforms, meals for competition, and equipment. Fees must be paid no later than October 1, 2021.  There may be additional cost that will cover the military ball and end of year cleaning.


    If there is an issue, please notify your instructor for assistance.  


     Updated Key Dates

    **We look forward to all the Cadets and Parent Booster club members who will volunteer their time during VMHS Raiders, Drill, and Color guard teams support to the Varsity Football team. We are looking for team parents for each event.  If you are available and want to donate your time to support our JROTC program, please speak with your instructor for assistance.  



    Meet the Instructor Night - 7 September at 6 PM in the school cafeteria (Get a chance to listen to our in brief, meet the student leadership, and our parent booster club.  Also, we need to update and recruit JROTC parent booster club members).  Open positions are: Secretary and treasure.  


    LOOKING for TEAM PARENTS for ALL JROTC TEAMS.  Also, during the month of September we are planning our fundraiser - kick off, Patriots Discount Cards.  


    Team Competitions Results Follows:

    PT Team NOV 2020 - 2nd and 3rd Place for the Physical Training Team

    Raiders FEB 2021 - 3rd Place in the San Antonio Open Raiders


    Upcoming Event Dates to plan for are (ALL DATES ARE TENTATIVE):


    Raiders  Competition- 18 Sep 2021


    Drill/Color Guard  Meet - 9 Oct 2021


    Orienteering Competition - 2 Oct 2021


    Rifling - (Target Sprint) 25 Sep 2021


    Physical Training - SY 2021 - 2022