• Judson High School

    Physical Education CLASS RULES

    Individual Sports

    Coach G. Ferrara


    The course will be structured in 3 week lessons. You will be tested over history, rules, and scoring of the sport. You will also be tested over your performance of basic skills taught in the course. You will be expected to dress out and participate daily in the activities as part of your participation grade.


    All students are expected to participate in their physical education classes.  If a student needs to be excused from participating in a physical education class, the parent or guardian must send a note to the physical education teacher stating the reasons why the student can’t participate.  If a student needs to be excused from physical education for a period exceeding three (3) days, he/she will be required to have a note from a physician.  Medical examinations may be required for those students who have excessive absences or excessive excuses from physical education.



    GRADING SYSTEM:   Judson ISD grading policy- 60% Dress Out/Participation, 40% Test,


    Dress code for P.E. will be a mandatory uniform consisting of a gray shirt and red shorts that will be sold for $15 dollars.  Individual short can be purchased for $10 or shirt for $8.  If you need a 2XL or Larger add $2 to individual items or $20 for the set.   More may be purchased as desired.  Cash/Money orders- NO CHECKS!!!!!!   TENNIS SHOES ARE MANDATORY!! This year we are looking to provide incentives in hopes of encouraging students to dress out. Every 3 weeks we will reward students for dressing out every day of that 3 week period. 100% dress out for the semester is required to be exempt from the final.


    LOCKERS:  Each student will be issued a locker and a lock at the beginning of the course. If a locker is damaged the student will be responsible for any charges. There is an $8 fee for any lost combination locks. Students should lock up their valuables (cell phones, I-pods, wallets) in their locker every day. To insure security students should not share their locker and or combination with any other students in their class or others. Students must make sure their locker is locked and secure before leaving the locker room. Upon leaving the locker room a coach will secure the locker room door. Coaches are not responsible for any missing items that occur.  


    Remember your child is graded every day.  “Things” that have a negative effect on daily grades are:


    1. For each non-dress period, the student will receive a zero for their daily grades consisting of dressing out and participation. The student will still be required to participate even if they do not dress out in proper uniform and TENNIS SHOES.


    1. Tardiness – Student will have 7 minutes after tardy bell rings to get dressed and be in roll call line. Gates will be locked at this time.




    1. Failure to bring appropriate supplies (books, paper, pencil, P.E. uniform, proper foot wear etc….)


    1. No cell-phones, i-pods, or other electrical devices may be used in class unless instructed to do so by the teacher.


    1. No piercings except ears. Jewelry is permitted but discouraged.


    Students are further expected to observe all rules in the student handbook.  The above list of “offenses” which may affect the daily grade can be added to as the teacher deems necessary.




    Greg Ferrara



    Please detach and return signed promptly to your physical education teacher.



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    I understand, I am responsible for all P.E rules, and expectations that are covered with my syllabus and the district student handbook.