8th Grade Syllabus

  • 8th Grade Science Syllabus

    Welcome! I am pleased to introduce myself as your 7th grade science teacher at Metzger Middle School, and we have much to look forward to this year!


    Our objectives include expanding your science investigation and observation skills, strengthening what you know about science, and increasing your understanding of the natural world. Organizing, analyzing, collaborating, and communicating are all skills we will use. I have high expectations for each of you but believe each of you will succeed and find science enjoyable.

    The range of topics we will study include:

    • Scientific method, processes and skills
    • Matter and Energy in living things
    • Atoms and Chemical Reactions
    • Force and Motion in living things
    • Forces that affect Earth
    • Weather, Earth and Space


    Communicating by email is best, and I can be reached at cmiller@judsonisd.org. I will also send out frequent remind updates regarding assignments, tests, projects, and other useful information.   Students will be given their remind codes on the first day of school.  We will also be using google classroom for lost work and extra help.  The students will receive these codes on the first day of school.


    Students are expected to bring a pen or pencil to class every day, plus all homework or related class materials. Class participation feedback depends on consistently bringing needed materials and being ready to contribute to the class. Science notebooks will be stored in the classroom unless checked out through Mrs. Miller. NO CELL PHONES ARE PERMITTED IN THE CLASSROOMS!

    Grading Policy

    Test/Labs 40%

    Quizzes/Daily work/Notebook 50%

    Homework 10%

    Late work will lose 10 point.

    Forgetting to put their name on a paper will lose 5 points.

    There will be opportunities for corrections and extra credit.

    Classroom Policies and Procedures

    • Pick up the day’s assignment upon entering the room.
    • Be in your seat and quiet when the bell rings.
    • Start work immediately.
    • Leave class only when dismissed by the teacher.
    • Raise your hand for permission to speak or to leave your seat.
    • Any behavior which breaks school rules, or prevents Mrs. Miller from teaching is unacceptable.
    • Arrive on time, bring in all required materials, and begin warm-ups in your assigned seat by the time the bell rings.
    • Respect others and their property, as well as use appropriate language in the lab at all times.
    • Failure to follow lab safety rules will result in lost lab time. Instead of participating in lab, a student who has ignored lab safety rules will be given desk work to complete and turn in at the end of the class period.
    • If there was homework due place it in the correct period bin.
    • Sharpen pencils before the tardy bell.
    • Students should retrieve his/her science notebook from the front of the class and be seated.
    • Once seated, students should read the white board to find the instructions and procedures for the day. Warm-up activities should be completed. These exercises will be graded as part of the daily grade.
    • Homework, class activities, and upcoming due dates should be copied daily from the board once the warm-up activities are completed. You are responsible for copying down all assignments and due dates. It is your responsibility to come and get work out of the designated bin you have missed if you were absent.
    • Students will have time between classes and should use that time to take care of personal needs.
    • Students will have to have the Flinn Safety Contract signed by a parent before participating in labs. Without the safety contract, students will be completing book work instead of participating in the hands on lab.

    Tutoring and Conferences

    I will be available for parent conferences by appointment. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions. My tutorials are Tuesdays after school from 3:35 to 4:45 pm and Thursday mornings, but I can schedule additional time if a student makes a request.


    Mrs. Miller

    Metzger Middle School