There will be high expectations for all students. I am not hard to please, but RESPECT for self and others is MADATORY!

    The 4 rules we will live by this year are:

    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Safe
    • Be Focused

     These expectations will be defined by the students and will be coded. These will make up our class rules and discipline code.

    I base disciplinary phone calls and emails off of these codes. The students will alway have 3 warnings then consequences will follow. 

    If at any point parents need to discuss issues with discipline, Zoom Parent Meetings can be scheduled to help figure out a plan of action.




    According to district policy, students will be given 1 additional day to complete assignments for each day they are absent  depending on the student). After that the student will recieve a percentage off of the grade. 




    Students will be graded for the work that is submitted. If their grade is below a 70 students will have a chance to correct the assignment and receive no higher than a 70%.

    If students are missing assignments- one additional copy of the assignment will be given. They will have one week to turn in that missing assignment to receive FULL credit.