This year I am implementing ONE rule.

     What it comes down to is having respect for our teachers, peers, and our environment. The students are expected to have respect for everyone, so that we can all do our best thinking.



    Work that is given during an absence will be filed by the teacher. Upon their return (or when guardians pick up work), students will have a specific amount of time to complete assignments. District policy states 1 additional day for each absent day. However, this will be the minimum and will be determined on a case by case basis. 



    Students will be graded for the work that is submitted. If their grade is failing, students will have a chance to correct the assignment and receive a passing score of up to 70%.

    If students are missing assignments, one additional copy of the assignment will be given. They will have one week from the date of grading to turn in that missing assignment to receive FULL credit.