• Campus Rules

    Campus rules are to be posted in every classroom and must be memorized by each staff member and student.  They are:

    1. Follow directions and listen.
    2. Be respectful and polite to yourself and others.
    3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    4. Be your best!

    Conduct Marks and Discipline Folder

    Infractions of the rules are to be documented through the use of conduct marks.  An accumulation of conduct marks will determine a lower letter grade a student receives in the General Conduct section of the report card.  Conduct marks received in the cafeteria or at specials will be provided to the teacher on a roster each Wednesday in time for placement in the Thursday folder.

    Each child will have a discipline take-home folder that has the campus rules, consequences and rewards posted in it.  It is up to each grade level to determine the system in which they will keep parents posted as to the level of good conduct each child maintains.  Each week the folder is to be signed by the parent acknowledging the conduct displayed that week.  It is imperative that each teacher utilizes this system consistently across the campus.  The folder has a list of the school rules with codes beside them (ex: SR1 – Follow directions and listen. CR3 – You may talk in a three-inch voice., etc.).  These codes are to be used to document student behaviors in the folders.  For example, if a student is being cited for not following directions on October 3rd, you would write the code SR1 (School Rule 1) in the block for October 3.  This indicates that the student has violated this rule.

    Additionally, students receiving conduct marks that place them in the N category will be seen by the counselor:

    10 Conduct Marks – Letter home from counselor and contract to improve that is signed by the child.