• Note to Parents about "Homework":

    Reading with your child for 20 minutes each day can greatly improve their academic ability, future performance, and overall confidence. So, I encourage parents to view this as a homework assignment that will greatly impact the lives of your children. (I've included a link at the bottom that helps to further expand on this concept.)

    In class, we will focus on "Weekly Cursive Writing" (which is a newer TEK). I will model and instruct the students in how to correctly write in cursive, and I will give them ample time to finish it in class. It will be due at the end of each week. However, if a student chooses to bring her/his "Weekly Cursive Writing" home, please feel free to assist them and encourage them on this new endeavor. You can even add fun enrichment activities as well. For example, you can write out your grocery list in print and then have the student convert it to cursive.

    I will generally communicate any changes via Class-Dojo, so please feel free to contact me there or via this website if you have any questions.

    Thanks and have a great year!