• Rules:

    We will work together as a class to come up with the exact rules that will govern our classroom. However, they will surely cover keeping your hands and feet to yourself, waiting/taking turns and listening to/respecting others.


    Keeping in mind that social/emotional development is a key component of Pre-k, throughout the year we will learn and practice different techniques to calm down when we are upset, work through a conflict with a classmate and make amends when we mess up. These skills are each a learning process and a big part of learning to work in a group, important skills in school and life. 



    I believe that consequences should be as natural and logical as possible and that students should be active in coming to their consequences, usually correcting what went wrong. But sometimes a student might be asked to walk away from a situation or activity if their behavior is interfering with the learning of others. For the most part, “what happens at school stays at school”. I will not inform you of every infraction that happens at school. If there is a pattern of troubling behavior or if something out of character or extreme happens, I will give you a call, send a note or an email.